Studio 13 class listing & schedule for the upcoming & current semester.

For newer people entering the dance world, here are some descriptions of what each class will be like. Each class has specific requirements when entering the class. Be sure to contact us if you have any questions!


Ballet is a classical type of dance, teaching students precision and formalized steps and gestures. Ballet is the common core to all other types of dance. This class is required for your basic training. 


Lyrical is the style where emotion and storytelling comes into play. By using the mood of the music, dancers will use movement to portray a story. Class includes a warm-up, work on some flexibility, and movement. A center combination will normally take place.


Leaps and turns is a class specifically designed for students to work on kicks, leaps, and turns. Strength and flexibility is incorporated into the class.


Tumbling teaches students flexibility, strength, and control of their body. Students will learn skills of limbers, walkovers, handsprings, cartwheels, roundoffs, chest stands, handstands, and much more. 


Hip-Hop is a combination of jazz-funk and street dancing. Students will learn to isolate their bodies and work of performance skills. Class includes isolations, pop and locking, and funk moves. 


Pointe is similar to ballet, but students will be required to wear Pointe shoes. This is a shoe with a hard tip so students are able to rise onto their toes. Class does consist of strengthening of ankles as well as grace and elegance. 


Jazz classes are energetic and a high-powered class. Students will do kicks, leaps, turns, and isolations. Class does include stretching, floor work, some progressions, and a combo in the center. 


Tap consists of sounds created by the feet, by using shoes with metal taps. Tap dance shows the flow of movement by using rhythms and beats not in music. Dancers will learn how to create a piece by using their feet.


Tiny tots and mini's are classes with two styles of dance combined. The first half with consist of ballet and the second half will be tap. Ages for Tiny-Tots begin at 3-4. Ages for Mini's begin at 5-6.